Access Control Systems & Business Security

Stay Safe Locksmiths can help organisations of all sizes with their internal and external security by supplying an access control system. Access control systems are essentially electronically controlled where and when personnel can enter a site or area without the need for manual intervention .

Access control systems electronically secure doors and if needed gates, turnstiles and barriers to ensure personnel have admittance only to the areas they need in a large organisation or in an organisation where confidentiality is paramount.  Our access systems can be tailor-made to suit your organisations needs. Those with multiple sites may only have a few users accessing one entrance but at another site may have different entrances dedicated to different departments.

Systems are designed to allow different levels of access to a number of areas, i.e. certain pass holders have full admittance to all areas whilst other users can only access designated areas, e.g. administration staff can’t access the sites warehouse, warehouse staff can’t access the administration offices and of course senior management can have access to both areas. Access control systems can  be connected to one or more designated computers to provide management information such as event logs and enable users to edit the level of access personnel have and to void lost or stolen passes. The system can also be designed to be controlled remotely via Internet connection.

  • Intercoms
  • Proximity Systems
  • Digital Key pads
  • Biometric Systems